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Moncon is a professional and leading solution provider of industrial wireless transmission terminal for IoT(Internet of Things) and M2M(Machine to Machine). Moncon offers high quality 4G/3G/2G wireless modems, DTU, Gateway, Router, Android IPC, LoRa module, and our products have been widely used for smart grid, smart city, irrigation, intelligent transportation, kiosks, vending machines and weather stations. Partners and customers trust and rely on Moncon high quality and cost-effective solutions, as well as fast and flexible technical support. With a team of 20 years industry experience, Moncon delivers innovative and reliable solutions for partners and industries.

Moncon Solutions

1. Industry Application Terminals
4G/3G Android IPC, Cellular RTU(Remote Terminal Unit)
2. Wireless Communication Terminals
Industrial Cellular Router, Cellular Modem(DTU), NB-IoT Modem, and LoRa Module.
3. Application software
Router management platform, RTU management platform and other application platforms.

  • ATM, POS & Kiosk
  • Smart Grid
  • Irrigation
  • Environmental Protection
  • Smart City
  • Weather
  • Geology
  • ITS